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Do You Know the Structure of Watches?(Ⅰ)

Aug. 21, 2018

1. LOOKINGGLASS is used to protect the surface (DIAL). The material of the mirror is usually plexiglass, sapphire and mineral.

2. Watchcase (WATCHCASE) is used to protect the wrist watch (i.e. wrist watch) movement from external dust, dew or vibration damage, while providing a fashionable and attractive appearance for the wrist watch.

3. Watch band (BRACELET): there are two kinds of belts and metal chains. The selection of watchband should match the watchcase. What kind of watchband should be chosen for the material case? One exception is that the case of any material can match the leather strap, and the effect is ideal.

4. The function of WATCH-FRAME is to lock the mirror, there are two types: one is fixed type, which can provide a beautiful appearance; the other is one-way rotation type, which is mainly used in Sports Wrist watch. The overlap time can be calculated as long as the 0-pointer is moved to the minute point.

5. The dial (WATCH-FACE) is mainly used to display the time, and related to the design of watches.

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