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What Kind of Watch Does the Lady Wear?

Aug. 16, 2018

1. White-collar women

Watches are one of the best accessories for women in the workplace. White-collar women are suitable for wearing tables, mainly to see her entry and exit status and identity, as well as their own clothing. Usually wear formal clothes to bring a feminine watch, if you work in a formal company to bring little fame and texture, such as the Swiss brand Longines, Tissot and so on. If usually wear black, white, grey clothes more words, the proposal to choose white watch, can play a matching effect, break the black, white, grey depression. Style selection is simple.

2. Light Cougar

It mainly depends on your entry and exit status, your identity and your clothing. When you go out with friends for a picnic, you may as well wear a larger dark watch, which is more romantic; when you meet your boyfriend, wear a circular or irregular colored cartoon watch, which is naive and romantic, but also a little naive, so that your boyfriend feels lovely and young; when you go to work or attend a formal occasion, you wear a square or rectangle. Or round or oval table, showing its beauty, solemnity, loveliness, generosity and individuality.

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