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Do You Know the History of Watch?

Aug. 09, 2018

A watch is a small timepiece, usually worn on the wrist or attached on a string and carried in a pocket, with wristwatches being the most frequent type of watch utilized now. They evolved from the 17th century from spring powered clocks, which appeared in the 15th century. The first watches were strictly mechanical. As technology improved, the mechanisms used to measure time have, in some cases, been replaced by use of quartz vibrations or electromagnetic pulses and are called quartz movements. The first digital electronic watch was developed in 1970.

In early 1900s, the wristwatch, initially called a Wristlet, was reserved for women and believed more of a passing craze compared to a severe timepiece. Real gentlemen, who carried pocket watches, were really quoted as saying they'd"sooner wear a skirt as wear a wristwatch". This all changed in World War I when soldiers on the battlefield found using a pocket watch to be impractical, so that they attached the pocket watch for their wrist by a cupped leather strap.

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