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How Does A Lady Choose A Watch?

Aug. 07, 2018

1. watch the skin color Watch

It is easy for a whiter skin to determine its basic color, because "one white hides three ugliness", so many tones can be used as the basic color. However, dark skinned people should not choose pink or light green as the basic colors. If the complexion is dark or dark brown, the color of coffee can never be regarded as a basic color. What about yellow and short skinned? Please stay away from the two colors of red and yellow. They can't be your basic colors. People with dark complexion should choose brighter colors as basic colors.

2. look at the figure player's Watch

The shape of the Orientals will be thinner, and the size of the watch is small. The advantage of the quartz watch is that it can be light, thin and small, and the female with a little wrist will look more square or round, and it will look more plump than it actually is. But women with slightly thicker wrists can wear a rectangular or oval watch that makes their arms look slimmer than they actually are.

3. women's watch case

The watch case of a woman's watch should vary from person to person. The material of the watch shell is commonly found in gold, gold, titanium, stainless steel, semi steel chrome, alloy shell, etc. You can choose your own ladies watch according to your preferences and prices.

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