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Do You Know the Structure of Watches?(Ⅱ)

Aug. 23, 2018

As China Stainless Steel Watch Exporter, we cansupply high quality China Stainless Watch, and today we continue introduce the structure of Watches.

6. Watch pin and watch handle. The watch needle is an important part of displaying time. Generally, there should be three kinds of watches: hour hand, minute hand and second hand, with exceptions in special cases.

7. Watch buckle (WATCH-BUTTOM) is mostly made of stainless steel, titanium metal, atmosphere folding buckle, butterfly buckle, double safety buckle and so on.

8. The rear cover, the role is fixed movement, dust-proof, waterproof, etc. It is made of stainless steel. The back can etch words and patterns, and it has three kinds of assembly methods with the case.

9. The movement, the most important part of the watch, is the heart of the watch, the quality of its arguments, the choice of watch quality, choose high-quality movement, about product quality is the most important.

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