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Tips For The Wholesale Business Of Watches

Aug. 27, 2019

At present, people buy watches mainly to enhance their wearing and convenient viewing time. Anyone planning to buy a watch will consider the following factors.

1.The color

For different types of people, the colors you like will naturally be different. Generally, boys like black, brown, brown, etc.; girls like red, white, etc. For middle-level and high-level men, they generally choose watches that fit well into formal occasions and business occasions. The colors are simple.

2. Lifestyle

Many people nowadays often attend different occasions, but the watches they wear will be different. For example, formal occasions, parties, office occasions, generally choose rubber straps, with night vision, distance, height calculator, compass step function. For some people with fine life, they will choose a classic, durable watch, and at the same time, look at other watches with different functions.

3. Watch waterproof

Many watches made by Custom Wrist Watch Manufacturer are now basically waterproof, so that the watch can adapt to more life scenes.

4. Watch strap

Watch wholesalers mainly make stainless steel straps because they are more durable than leather and feel cool when worn in summer, without the sultry feeling. At the same time, the stainless steel strap is suitable for many occasions, such as: business meetings, leisure, office, etc., will not look awkward.

5. Watch size

It is important to choose a suitable watch size. If the user is a girl and you recommend it to buy a men's watch, this obviously does not match the temperament, because the ladies watch is smaller than the men's watch.


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Tips for the wholesale business of watches