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Those Nicknames About Watches

Aug. 21, 2019

The first is a kind of pocket watch that appeared in the Qing Dynasty. First of all, because Chinese society was closed at the time, Chinese people rarely saw such complex mechanical structures. Many Chinese thought it was composed of eight parts, so it was called "big eight pieces" or "big eight pieces." It quickly became popular in China's elite class and became the mainstay of pocket watches sold to China at that time. To this day, the “Big Eight Pieces” is still a high value art.

The bezel of the traditional Oyster watch is called "dog ring", and the standard title should be "triangular pit pattern", which is an early waterproof case. This kind of bezel is more luxurious and is loved by many people in the upper class.

There are also many titles about watch parts. In the China Watch Customization, the type wheel refers to the escapement of a mechanical watch movement; the "mao" refers to the part of the mechanical fork in the mechanical watch. The components between the balance wheel and the escape wheel are mainly used to control the second hand movement in the mechanical watch.

Watches are now growing in demand in China, more watches will be known to the public, and we hope that the watch industry in China will develop better and better, from the Custom Wrist Watch Manufacturer to truly achieve self-innovation.

Those Nicknames About Watches