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Custom Watch Of Battery

Aug. 27, 2019

The problem that quartz movement watches will encounter is that the battery is dead. As the power source for the operation of the watch, if the movement is used as the "brain" of the watch, the battery is the "heart", which shows its importance.

Quartz watches are accurate when they go, eliminating the hassle of winding, but the battery always has energy to run out.

There are many examples of battery damage affecting the movement. After all, quartz watches do not require much attention on weekdays. When there is always a battery left for a long time, the battery is damaged and may even affect the movement.


Here to remind everyone. Some people in order to save power to pull out the crown to stop the watch. This method is not good. On the surface, the watch stopped, and in fact the battery continues to discharge. If it is not replaced in time, the battery will be leaked due to excessive discharge of the battery, and then the movement will be corroded.

Therefore, everyone should pay more attention to the quartz watch, pay attention to the situation of the quartz watch. Under normal circumstances, the imported watch will indicate the date of battery replacement on the sticker on the back cover of the watch; some Custom Watch three-pin quartz watch will have the battery exhaustion prompt function, when the battery capacity is about to run out, the second hand travels state. It will be intermittent, and digital watches usually appear to be bleak.

Another point, please note that when replacing the battery for the quartz watch. The original model should be replaced according to the regulations, so as to ensure the overall performance as much as possible. The leader in China Custom Wrist Watch Manufacturer, Hongliyuan watch has always been committed to solving customer needs and solving problems for you.

Custom watch of battery