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How To Choose A Movement

Aug. 27, 2019

How to choose a movement when Custom Wrist Watch?

Most people who love watches know that a high-quality watch depends on the movement. The quality of the movement determines the grade and value of the watch. When you order a watch, you should know exactly what you need. Because each movement has its own uniqueness, and it is also the root of what value watch you want.


I hope that everyone will not enter a misunderstanding. Not all custom watches use the same movement, which is mainly based on the customer's needs. The movement has the distinction between quartz and machinery. Of course, there are good and bad points. How to distinguish the quality of a movement? There is no doubt that the movements used in high-end watches are good movements, except for counterfeit goods. Usually the quality of the movement can be distinguished from several angles:

1. look at the shape of the movement, such as gold hollow, sleeves, carved and other parts of the polishing process is exquisite.

2. the price is reasonable, some high-end movements look at the price of tens of thousands or more, it is conceivable that the overall price of this watch will also be high, the price between the two is directly proportional.

3. the movement structure is reasonable, compatibility and materials are good.

Through the above information, I hope to help you choose the movement when ordering a watch. If you want to know more about watches, please contact us!

How To Choose A Movement