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How To Find Reliable Custom Watch Manufacturers

Aug. 09, 2019

1. Get information from the internet

At present, the Internet is recognized as the most convenient way to obtain information. Send an email to the merchant, consult and compare with other watch manufacturers. After confirming all the details of the product, you can start production by signing a contract.

2. Start with the positioning of watch manufacturers

Each Custom Wrist Watch Manufacturer has a different positioning of the watch, and it is critical to select a precisely positioned watch factory according to its own needs. For example, Shenzhen Gallant Watch Company mainly focuses on quartz watches, mechanical watches, Chronograph Couple Watch, bells, etc. The characteristics of the products are “fashion, luxury, simplicity, business”, which tends to be high-end products.

3. Conduct field visitsCustom

After confirming the watch manufacturer and signing the contract, conduct a site visit. If the factory environment is bad and messy, I believe that the quality of the products produced will not be guaranteed. The watch is made up of many sophisticated components, especially the movement is very environmentally demanding.

How to find reliable custom watch manufacturers