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How Long Can The Battery Of The Quartz Watch Last?

Aug. 02, 2019

The kinetic energy of the quartz watch movement comes from the battery, so how long does it take for a quartz watch to be replaced? Let China Quartz Watch Factory tell you.

The characteristics of the button battery include small volume, high capacity and long service life. They are composed of a positive electrode, a negative electrode, an electrolyte, a separator and a casing.

The second item is to understand the general types of batteries:

The most common battery used in quartz watches is silver oxide batteries, also known as silver-zinc batteries, which are relatively stable and, more importantly, have no environmental hazards. The voltage of the ordinary dry battery will gradually decrease with the use, and the voltage of the silver oxide battery will drop suddenly only when the energy is exhausted, thus ensuring the accuracy of the quartz watch.

The second type is a silver peroxide battery, which has a high capacity but poor voltage stability.

The third type is the earliest developed watch battery, called the mercury oxide battery. In the case of pollution to the environment, watch manufacturers have rarely used it.

Finally, there are solar cells. It can convert light energy into electrical energy. It takes only a short time every day to be exposed to sunlight or light to make the watch go normally.

If the quartz watch stops because the battery is dead, or if it is not worn for a long time, remove the battery as much as possible to prevent the battery from leaking or inflating and damaging the watch.

The above is the knowledge explanation from the Custom Wrist Watch Manufacturer of HongLiYuan watches. I hope I can help you. If you have any questions about the watch, we are welcome to consult.

How long can the battery of the quartz watch last?