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How Do Men Choose Watches?

Jun. 12, 2018

Watches worn by people in social situations often reflect their status, status and wealth. Therefore, the watches worn by people in the interpersonal communication, especially the watches worn by men, are mostly eye-catching.

1 type

According to different standards, watches can be divided into many different categories. In social situations, people generally distinguish their types based on prices. According to this standard, watches can be divided into Stainless Steel Wrist Watch, Mechanical Wrist Watch and so on. When choosing the specific type of watch, it is important to do it first. In addition, a series of relevant factors should also be taken into consideration, including the personal occupation, the occasion of appearance, the object of interaction, and other apparels selected at the same time.

2 shapes

The shape of the watch is often related to its price and grade. The watches worn on formal occasions should be solemn and conservative in terms of styling and avoid strange and new trends. Men, especially seniors and seniors, should pay more attention. The novelty and fancy watches are only suitable for girls and children. In general, round, elliptical, square, rectangular and diamond watches, because of their dignified and conservative style, have a wide range of application, and are particularly suitable for wearing on formal occasions.

3 colors

Choose a watch that is worn on a formal occasion. Generally choose a monochrome watch or a two-color watch. Whether it is a monochromatic watch or a two-color watch, the colors must be clear, elegant and elegant. Gold watch, silver watch, black watch, that is watch, watch case, watch band are all gold, silver, black watch, is the best choice. Watches with a gold case, strap, and a milky dial also stand the test of time and will not fall out of fashion at any time.

4 patterns

In addition to numbers, trademarks, factory names, and brands, there is no need for any other pattern on the watch that does not have any effect. Choose a watch that you use in a formal setting. In particular, you need to keep this in mind.

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