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An Assortment Of Gold Watches

Sep. 18, 2019

Gold has a basically consistent symbol in different cultures, rich and noble, and in the choice of watch color, a gold-plated watch emerges endlessly, and there is a great demand in the custom watch market.

First of all, we must understand that the gold watch in various custom watches is not made of pure gold. This is a misunderstanding of many consumers. It is usually made of gold, silver, copper, zinc alloy or mechanical. , electrolytic method, etc., the gold alloy is covered on the outer layer of the case. Because on the one hand, pure gold has soft texture, low hardness, and is not wear-resistant, and is not suitable for use as a watch case. On the other hand, the alloy is low in cost.

K gold shell watch. The larger the K number, the higher the gold content. Pure gold is 24K, the gold mark of the general K gold shell watch is inside the back cover; it is also used as a symbol for women's heads (representing 18K), birds (representing 14K), and trees (representing 10K).


Gold-plated watch. It is a surface of a copper shell that is chemically plated with a layer of gold alloy, the thickness of which is expressed in microns (symbol μ). One thing we need to understand is that the International Organization for Standardization's labeling requirements for gold-plated watches are: the number K is represented by the English letter "C"; the thickness is indicated by "P". For example, "C18P10" is a gold-plated watch with a purity of 18K and a thickness of 10μ.

Gold watch. Its case is made of copper and is covered with a layer of gold alloy. In addition, there is a steel backpack gold watch, the back cover of this type of watch is stainless steel, only the frame shell is covered with gold. It should be noted that the gold-plated watch only has a thickness and does not have a purity. The rule is to indicate the thickness in the English letter "L". For example, "L40" is a gold foil with a thickness of 40μ, and generally has four thicknesses of 20μ, 40μ, 60μ, and 80μ.

Gold circle table. Generally, it is an all-steel watch. It is only placed in the upper case along the outside of the watch glass with a ring of K gold skin, which can be separated from the case. The purity of K gold is 7K, 9K, 10K, 14K, etc., and the thickness is generally less than 0.5 mm.

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An Assortment Of Gold Watches