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A Standard For Men's Custom Watches

Sep. 20, 2019

Chinese Custom Watches pays attention to five aspects: type, shape, color, pattern, and function.

(1) Type: According to the price, the watch can be divided into four categories: luxury watch, high-end watch, mid-range watch, and low-end watch. When choosing a specific type of custom watch, you must first do your best, but also take into account factors such as occupation, occasion, and clothing.

(2) Shape: The shape of the watch affects its image. In formal occasions, the styling should be solemn and conservative, avoiding weird and trendy. Men's custom watches, especially the Supreme, seniors should pay more attention. In general, round, oval, square, rectangular and diamond watches are particularly suitable for formal occasions because of their solemn and conservative style and wide range of applications.

(3) Color: Wear the watch in formal occasions to avoid clutter. Generally, you should choose a monochrome watch or a two-color watch. You should not choose a watch with three colors or more. Whether it is a monochrome watch or a two-color watch, its color should be clear, noble and elegant. Gold, silver and black in custom watches are the most common and ideal choice.

(4) Pattern: There is no need to have some patterns on the watch, especially on the custom watch, it is necessary to avoid some strange styles that you want to express. If the pattern on the watch is bizarre and varied, it is not only not conducive to use, but the most important thing is to reduce the grade.

(5) Function: Timekeeping is the most important function of the watch. Some custom watches have additional features such as test temperature, humidity, etc. These features are not necessary in formal situations. In short, the function of the watch should be small and precise, and it must have practical value.

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A Standard For Men's Custom Watches