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What Is Chronograph Watch?

Oct. 26, 2018

Chinese Watch Factory mill known as the watch in 1-3 Subdial -Chronograph, Chronograph watch, Especial Functional chronograph isn't economical to fabricate, But Shenzhen has lots of quality watch generates .

The Chronograph Couple Watch is an expert title where chrono signifies"time" from Old English and Latin, and chart means"recording instrument" in English. However, chronograph differs, it could be listed for any time period. Chronograph includes a 30 second or 12 hour time consuming function. The next hand at the middle of this surface, generally stops in the zero point. To be able to show the occasions is walking, a continuous tiny seconds hand (sub-dial) is frequently included. There are two sorts of chronographs. Regular one would be to quantify thing, and the other one is a two-second chronograph using two dimension items.

Chronograph Watch