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How To Choose A Stainless Steel Wrist Watch According The Appearance?

Oct. 24, 2018

Let a professional Wrist Watches Suppliers tell you How to choose a watch from the appearance:

1. That the watch glass of Stainless Steel Wrist Watch ought to be smooth, clear, no bubbles, cracks, scrapes, and near the instance.

2. The instance ought to be uniform in colour, no apparent scratches, flaws, rust.

3. That the back cover of this China Mechanical Wrist Watch is clearly noticeable, and it's closely paired with the circumstance, and also the seal ring should not be subjected.

4. The 3 needles of hour, minute and second must be directly, and there ought to be a suitable gap between the needle and the needle, between the needle and the flow surface, and between the needle and the watch glass.

5. The top layer of the dial ought to be clean, the color ought to be uniform, so the signature and scale ought to be clear and the indexing ought to be uniform. Calendar characters are reasonably positioned inside the box. The electronic display shows clear writing without any flaws.

6. The motion of the Customized Mechanical Watch (back-transparent or hollow-type) doesn't have plastic components, along with the oscillating weight works easily.

At last. Still have to say that finding a good quality and reliable best China Watch Manufacturers is the most important.

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