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Teaches You How To Choose A Men's Watch Strap

Jul. 29, 2019

At present, watches have spread all over the world, many people bring a variety of watches, in order to facilitate the time and accessories to decorate their body. But what kind of strap should be used when choosing a watch is better? Next, the HongLiYuan Watch teaches you how to choose.


Metal strap: The metal strap is stronger than any other material, and has a long service life, but don't touch the water. From the aspect of formula, the Stainless Steel Watch is suitable for wearing in the summer, it will feel cold. The length adjustment is more troublesome.

Ceramic strap: Generally, this type of watch is mainly used as an ornament. It is similar in wearing and metal strap. It has high comfort and visual impact after getting started. Ceramic is a material that is not easy to wear. It looks smooth and pleasing to the eye. The ceramic strap is not easy to disassemble.


Leather strap: The belt's watch is very comfortable to wear, because the body temperature will make it unusually soft, and it fits our wrists, but it will be a bit stuffy, and the leather strap is very convenient to repair.

Rubber strap: generally used for diving, some will have a faint scent, it can be said that comfort is better than metal belt, but no belt is comfortable, it is important that the rubber strap is sultry. The airtight, rubberized strap can only be replaced and cannot be repaired.

So much theoretical knowledge does not know if you have a complete understanding. If you have any questions, please contact HongLiYuan Watch which is China Man Watch Supplier, we are willing to help you!

Teaches You How To Choose A Men's Watch Strap