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The Principle Of Quartz Watch

Oct. 29, 2018

China Quartz Watches Factory tell you the crux of the quartz crystal detector is the sensing component --piezoelectric quartz wafer. In other words, the quartz crystal will create electric dipole following being automatically stressed in certain instructions. To the contrary, if it's in a specific way of quartz. When a voltage is applied, deformation occurs in a particular direction, which can be known as a reverse osmosis effect. After the frequency of the applied electrical field starts with the natural oscillation frequency of the crystal, then the Length of the crystal happens. Since the degree of the electrical field created by the quartz crystal under pressure is little, deformation is only needed by a feeble applied electrical field, making the piezoelectric quartz crystal readily resonate beneath the use of an alternating electrical field excitation. Its oscillating energy reduction is modest, and the oscillation frequency is very stable. Along with the superb mechanical, chemical and electrical equilibrium of quartz, it has come to be an electronic clock connected to Quartz Watch, digital watches, phones, televisions, computers, etc. because the 1940s. Frequency reference element. 

Quartz Watch