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Method Of Properly Maintain The China Mechanical Wrist Watch?

Oct. 10, 2018

When it's a century-old new paintings, or an entry degree of cheap, China Mechanical Wrist Watch are worthy of your treasure and attention, then how do we correctly keep the mechanical watch? 

Chinese Watch Factory give you some suggestions.

1.Often Wear

Mechanical watches aren't frequently worn on the upkeep of the watch. The mechanical watches are oiled. In case the machine isn't operating for quite a while, the gears and escapement won't be equally and properly compacted. The growth, the table that doesn't occur all the year round, there'll be many more mistakes when moving.

2. Chinese Watch Designer remaind you the method of Standard maintenance  

Normally listen to not touch the acid-alkaline items (for instance, playing soap on the dining table ), don't strongly collide, attempt to steer clear of the magnetic field (for instance, microphones), don't approach the vapor, you can.

2.Keep away in the magnetic field 

When doing something about the workplace laptop, it's suggested to take the watch off and place it aside, which will lessen the magnetic vulnerability of this eye, stop it from occurring, and the wrist is more comfy.

What should I do if the opinion is magnetic? It's ideal to visit the expert repair stage to degauss.

Please call us and China Watch manufacturers will give you the details.

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