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What Are The Reasons Of China Watch Manufacturers Using Double Barrels?

Oct. 13, 2018

A normal size barrel has determined that the features of the spring and doesn't allow for a random gain in the period of the spring. Since China Watch Manufacturers discover that the best value for electricity output is the spring carries up 55% to 60 percent of this barrel, and once it absorbs electricity through the equipment set, the transferring power is absorbed during a long pass.

Even though the accession of the reduced strip at the motion requires more distance, meaning that more components are necessary, the complexity and density of this Stainless Steel Wrist Watch are improved, the swing string is split, and the push is pushed by a little spring shaped just like a hairspring. The series is reconnected so it could push the escapement governor having a near continuous output torque through the first 31 days of the entire series to the complete launch of the spring. This is why the Chinese Watch Designer uses double barrel.

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