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Which Watch Dials Are Not Marked With Time Scale?

Sep. 01, 2019

Does the watch dial have a time scale? It turns out that each watch has its own uniqueness. Next, Custom Wrist Watch Manufacturer brought everyone to know the watch without time scale.

There is no scale on the Movado brand museum series. Only a golden dot is set at 12 o'clock, which symbolizes the sun at 12 noon. The implication is that time is as natural as a river, and will not be separated by scales.


In addition to this, there are many watches without scales, and the Shenzhen Watch Supplier instructions: watches such as enamel, inlays and other extreme craft dials. Such a watch like a work of art, the watch factory can not bear the dial is destroyed by the scale of the overall beauty, and the scale is omitted.


The initial time is not scaled, people only know that sunrise and sunset. Until the table was found, humans found that the shadow of the column was the shortest at noon, and that moment was the moment when the node of time could be accurately recorded.

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Which Watch Dials Are Not Marked With Time Scale?