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What are the factors that affect the mechanical watch?

Sep. 15, 2019

In the Chinese Custom Watches industry, the mechanical movement is larger than the quartz movement. Mechanical watches are affected by gravity, mechanical friction, temperature changes, and usage. Calculated 24 hours a day, a total of 86,400 seconds, there are a few seconds of error, and it does not matter much. Different movements, the error range of the watch will be different. For example, Seiko's 4R movement has a reasonable daily difference of about 30 seconds, and a 6R movement with a 30-second difference may be difficult to accept; the same 9S movement, different adjustments will have different daily difference standards.

In addition to internal factors, wearing environmental factors can also have an impact on the error. Because the temperature difference of the environment will affect the internal spring and balance of the movement, resulting in a time difference.

If you don't have enough exercise and don't have the habit of wearing it regularly, the watch processing factory recommends buying a shaker. Because it does not always keep running, the oil will solidify and the error will increase.

Custom Wrist Watch Manufacturer gives you a small suggestion. When the case is scratched, if the scratch is small or small, don't worry about it, then polish it after more points, which can reduce maintenance costs and reduce metal loss. Do not polish if it is a gold-plated or gold-plated watch. Because the K gold component is only a thin layer on the periphery, once the polishing is too frequent or too strong, the true appearance of the steel shell will be even more ugly.

What are the factors that affect the mechanical watch?