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Is It Better To Choose A Mechanical Watch Or A Quartz Watch?

Sep. 08, 2019

When you have a watch in your hand, how do you distinguish it from a mechanical watch or a quartz watch?

1. Look at the shape, the case of the quartz watch is thinner, and the mechanical watch is relatively thicker.

2. Look at the walking mode of the second hand of the watch. If the second hand is walking in a second and a second, the watch is a quartz watch. On the other hand, if it is not jumping, it is a mechanical watch. The watch processing factory tells you that if you find the second hand to walk for two or four seconds at a time, this model is also a quartz watch. It's just that when you find your own second hand to work like this, it is alerting you to replace the battery.

3. When you turn the crown, you can hear the sound of the movement of the movement gear, then the mechanical watch.

4. Place the watch on your ear and shake it. If there is a balance, the sound is mechanical.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of quartz movements and mechanical movements?

Let China Custom Wrist Watch Manufacturer tell you

The advantage of the quartz movement is that it is accurate in travel time. Because its battery capacity is limited, it is necessary to replace the battery to continue walking.

The characteristics of the mechanical movement are slightly more important, and it is necessary to wear a full chain to be accurate when walking. If it is parked for a long time, it will stop working. Advantages: long use time, because there is no battery, so there is no need to replace, and there is no need to change the movement frequently.

Custom wrist watch manufacturer instructions: If you only want to wear a quartz watch for a few years and the price is low, you can choose a mechanical watch if you wear it and collect it. Thank you for your browsing!

Is It Better To Choose A Mechanical Watch Or A Quartz Watch?