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How To Maintain The Mechanical Movement

Aug. 14, 2019

The first point is to wear normally. Mechanical watches need to have proper kinetic energy to achieve power storage, but also to avoid strong impact. Wear mechanical watches for static activities and quartz watches for large amounts of exercise, which will help extend the life of the watch.

Pay attention to the prevention of magnetization, which is greatly affected by the magnetic field when walking. For example, the magnetic buckle on the TV, the radio speaker, the backpack or the bag.

Waterproof, even if the shell reaches a certain level of inspection, but with a watch to swim, washing clothes should also be avoided. After dip in water, do not adjust the watch at this time, but wipe it clean. On the other hand, sea water is hard to touch. Even if the waterproof watch is indicated, the watch manufacturer can only guarantee one year. Because the waterproof ring has been worn out for a whole year, plus other external factors such as sweat and dust, the waterproof performance is greatly discounted, so pay attention to replacement.

Long-term placement, can not be placed in the box with mothballs, hygienic balls, otherwise it will make the table oil deteriorate, the walking time is not accurate and it is necessary to pay the time to wear or wear.

The watch is not only a decoration, but also wearable. Pay attention to protection and maintenance. The watch that has just appeared from China Customized Watches Factory is the most complete in terms of performance, but it has loss in use. So keep in mind live the maintenance strategy given to you by the Custom Wrist Watch Manufacturer.

How To Maintain The Mechanical Movement