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Analyze The Life Of The Watch Battery

Aug. 18, 2019

The battery is the core of the operation of the watch, generally divided into domestic battery and imported battery.

Generally, domestic batteries are mainly used in low-end and mid-range watches, and their service life is generally two years, which is shorter than the life of imported batteries. There are two kinds of imported batteries, one is imported from Japan, its service life is about 3-4 years; the other is imported from Switzerland, its service life is 4-5 years.


In addition, Custom Wrist Watch Manufacturer also needs to emphasize that when the watch we buy is in the running state. Its service life is reduced by the time of the previous application, so the service life of the watch will be shortened. Many small watch manufacturers will choose such a battery because it can save costs. For large watch manufacturers, they will choose a complete battery to ensure the quality of the product and have a good reputation, focusing on the interests of the customer.

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Analyze The Life Of The Watch Battery