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How Much Is The Daily Average Error For Mechanical Watches?

Sep. 19, 2018

If you want absolute precision, you can choose the radio wave table to receive the signal pair in real time. As long as the atomic clock does not go wrong, the watch will not have more than 1 second error in 300,000 years.

As for the Mechanical Watches, 24 hours a day, a total of 86,400 seconds, there are a few seconds of error, it is already an amazing thing.

Different movement literacy determines the error range of Stainless Steel Wrist Watch. For example, the Seiko 4R movement is reasonable in 30 seconds, and the 6R movement 30 seconds may be a bit difficult to accept;  the same is the 9S movement, different adjustments have different daily difference standards.

In addition to the internal, the wearing environment will also have an impact on the error. For example, office white-collar workers and blast furnace smelters wear the same China Watch Customization. The temperature difference in the environment will affect the internal spring and balance wheel of the movement, resulting in differences in travel time.

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